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Linemen – Hurricane Dorian

Inspired by all the linemen out there working or chasing the storm. Stay safe.


The Painted Brush

For mixed media artists, “the world is our canvas” translates to “We use ANYTHING that can be painted, textured, layered, sprayed, stamped and waxed no matter its shape or form.”

Decorated paintbrushes have been around for a few years. I’ve wanted to make one, but really didn’t know where to start. After wasting a fair bit of time, it occurred to me, the same principle applies to starting and creating any project; create one layer at a time.

Altered Paintbrush – Judy Everett

This brush started out as a cheap dollar store paintbrush. Because the handle was some sort of plastic composite, a good coat of white gesso was in order. Gesso is the base coat for most art projects and helps paints and sprays stay put instead of rolling off. When using gesso, make sure you place a good coat on the bristles. The gesso will hold the bristles together as well as create a good base coat for paints and sprays.

Close up of molded embellishments

My newest love is using polymer clay and Prima Marketing moulds (molds) to make embellishments. I used the moulds to make the face, wings and ornamental leaf.

To add color and glimmer, I used Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays and then slathered some gold crackle paste on the handle for more texture. Of course I had to use the new Finnabair waxes to add some highlights. Added small beads to give the look of dripping black paint. The focus piece on the leaf came from my stash of old jewelry.

Thanks for looking. Let me know if you want more information such as a full product list with colors or more details.

I’m entering this piece in the Re-purpose, Re-use, Recycle  challenge on the Frilly and Funkie Blog.



Nearly every industry has a new product introduction season. For clothes, it happens four times a year, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. For the auto industry, typically, its fall. For the crafting and art world, its the first few months of the new year, January through March.

New products are demo’d and released at Creativation, the biggest trade show of the year for art and craft products. For those of us unable to attend Creativation, we spend the third week in January glued to You Tube searching and waiting for live feeds and demonstration videos. We make lists of what we must have and new products we can’t wait to try. And then, the shopping begins. By early March, my crafting/art budget is in shambles. I’m broke and I find products that I just have to have. How can I justify buying just one more thing? I can’t. BUT, if I can find contests to enter with gift certificates for prizes … 

Here’s my entry for a fun little 5 x 7 canvas I created for monthly challenge on The Frilly and Funkie blog. The challenge, Pass the Tissues, Please! must include tissue paper in some form.

soar tissue 5 x 7 canvas

Easy peasy for me. I love using tissue paper as the first layer on many of my canvases, journal pages, and greeting cards. To get really great texture as the first layer, all you have to do is take a sheet of tissue paper (the kind you use in gift bags), wad it up in a ball, then smooth it back out and adhere to your paper or canvas. Don’t be too aggressive with smoothing or you’ll smooth out all those great wrinkles and tear your paper. 

Got some use out of new products as well. I molded the angel wings and star using Prima molds and modeling material. The shine and color on the wings are Prima Art Alchemy Waxes. The music themed, printed tissue paper came from the wrapping paper aisle.

New products challenge me and get my creative juices flowing. If I’m really lucky, I’ll win a gift certificate which I can use to buy more art supplies.

Thanks for looking.


Wonderful Nights

Moon. Stars. Buildings. Skylines. Black and purple. This post is for all the night owls out there.

What can I do when the night
comes and I break into stars.

Baby Hale – Female
Time of Birth: 11:30 PM

Over the years, I’ve tried to figure out why I am a Night Owl. My mom and sister tell me it was a natural rhythm for me even as a baby. When everyone else was settling down, I was ready to play. Mom was pretty sleep deprived I’m sure.
My first job as a reporter fit into my natural pattern. Reporters work until the wee hours writing headlines, preparing copy and sending the paper out to be printed. After a hectic evening putting the “paper to bed”, it was hard for some of us to head home and off to bed. My companion Night Owls and I would hang around in the office for hours. We’d talk and argue and laugh til the wee hours.
As I grew older and changed careers, my natural inclination didn’t change, but my office hours were the normal 8 AM – 5 PM. I still found myself doing my best work in the last hours of the work day. Often, I worked until 7:30, getting more done between 4 and 7:30 PM than the other hours of the day. Not exactly Night Owl, but pushing the boundaries of a day shift.
In retirement, my inner Night Owl has reemerged and is flourishing. I’m pretty much useless until 8 PM. That doesn’t mean I don’t do anything before 8 PM, it just means that my best self happens after 8 PM.
Typically, at 10 PM, I’m in full go mode. If I’m working on an art piece, everything is flowing. If I’m doing laundry and cleaning, I’m going full out. My energy starts to lag about 1:30 AM and I’m ready for sleep around 2 AM.

I often lie about what time I wake. If you call me at 8:30 AM, I grab the phone and try to sound like I’ve been up for hours. I’m always making excuses why I didn’t see something on Good Morning America. Changing morning appointments to afternoon appointments. Feeling guilty when I roll out of bed at 10 AM. Listening to all the morning people brag about the dozens of things they achieve before noon.

I’m tired of feeling guilty. I’m changing my narrative! I’m taking back the night. I’m not going to be ashamed of my late night ways. I’m going to be true to myself. No more excuses. No more guilt.

Time of Birth: 11:30 PM
I was born this way.  Don’t judge me.

(Note: I have a supportive family that loves me just the way I am. I continue to struggle with Night Owl Guilt Syndrome NOGS .)

Are you a Night Owl or a Morning Person? Drop me a note and let me know. Thanks for checking out my art and please, please feel free to share.

Perfect inspiration to complete a giant wooden (MDF) tag.


Holding Hands

Being a little sister is a wonderful thing. Being the youngest of four means I’m blessed with two brothers and one sister. All three have held my hand when I needed them or just because we enjoy being together.

The background was created using a variety of mica sprays. The birds were stenciled using texture paste. The children were inked in using a Decoart stencil.


Something New

Simple and to the point, something new.

Dapper Cat


Walking the Tightrope – A Masculine Card

Making greeting cards for men has always been a challenge. In the past, I’ve always fallen back on using camouflage colors and dogs. Not very creative.

Personally, I’m drawn to vintage images of gentlemen with mustaches and wire rim glasses wearing top hats and tails. Men with tweed jackets and bowlers. Vintage browns and sepia colors. Portraits, old magazines, newspapers, and vintage men’s products supply endless inspiration.

Finding a man on a tightrope image in Tim Holtz’ Theories rubber stamp set inspired me to create this masculine themed card.

Leap and Believe

Here’s a brief overview of my technique: I spritzed Tim’s Resist Spray through a stencil and let the spray dry. I applied the oxide inks and let the Resist Spray do its job of resisting the color, leaving the stenciled images to show through. The unexpected bonus of the Resist Spray is a slightly raised, shiny effect that mimics an embossed feel without embossing powder or a heat gun. (You can use embossing powder with the resist spray, but I’ll leave that for another day.)

I’m entering this card in the Frilly and Funkie “Dare to Resist” challenge. Wish me luck.


Music Inspired Canvas

Music Challenge – Judy Everett

With Music being the theme for the May Challenge over at the Frillie and Funky blog, it was a chance to use some of the vintage sheet music I acquired at an estate auction last year. I used the cover from a Barber Shop Quartet song book as my inspiration for colors and theme. I used the sheet music to create a collaged background and to cut the flowers. I created the flowers using the Tattered Florals XL die from Tim Holtz. I used a couple of flowers from Prima Manufacturing to round out the group of flowers.

I used a combination of Lindy’s Stamp Gang color sprays to color the flowers and background. Color sprays make it so much easier to coordinate and create a color palette. I really don’t know what I would do without color sprays.

I’m entering this creation in Frilly and Funkie’s Sound of Music inspired challenge.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. You can also use the comment button if you have any questions about how I created the different elements and embellishments.




April Color Challenge – Lindy’s Stamp Gang

Bunny Boy – Judy Hale Everett – Stampotique and LSG

Bunny Boy, When I grow up …

This 5 x 7 greeting card project uses Lindy’s Stamp Gang color sprays and embossing powders along with Stampotique stamps.

To create the base of the card, I started with a 7 by 10 inch piece of cardstock, folded in half.

I used clear embossing ink and Lindy’s  Bougainvillea Red Teal to create the hearts. For the connected squares, I used clear embossing ink with Lindy’s Cosmic Pink Blue embossing powder.

To create the background, I used Lindy’s Sprays Rusty Lantern Lime and Blue Hawaiian Blue.

I used Stampotique’s Galvanized rubber stamp, to create the line of barbed wire along the lower edge.

I used Stampotique’s Bunny Boy as the focal point of the card. I colored him and gave him a close trim. I stamped and colored him a second time so that I could cut off his head and use a pop dot to make the head, face and ears stand out a little more. I placed Bunny Boy just above the barbed wire.

The “When I grow up …” sentiment is another stamp from Stampotique and fits perfectly with a Bunny Boy.

This is my entry for the Lindy’s Stamp Gang’s April Color Challenge.  Thanks for checking out my project! Please leave a comment and let me know you came by for a visit!

Lindy's Color Challenge


Three Partners in Crime

Debbie and I have been friends since we shared a playpen in the church nursery. Debbie had no siblings and I envied her. She didn’t have to put up with three older siblings. She was pretty, sweet, neat, always had a clean face. I was a blue jean wearing tomboy, and I was always getting into mischief. Thing was, Debbie, even though she was NOT a tomboy, was always willing to join in the mischief that I suggested. Well, maybe not mischief, but things that weren’t exactly safe. I talked her into climbing the hay bales in our barn and walking across the beams about 25 feet off the ground. I talked her into sliding down the side of the hill into the creek, something that left our bottoms sore and scratched up. I talked her into swinging across a deep ravine on a grapevine. I talked her into NOT going back to our kindergarten classroom after recess so we could play in the water and catch tadpoles. I talked her into taking the “girls from town” on a snipe hunt in the graveyard and leaving them behind as we ran back to church. There are so many other things we did and I have to admit, I was the instigator on so many of them. Debbie never told on me, she never blamed me, and she didn’t always tell her mom about our escapades. Had her mom known what all we did, she probably wouldn’t have let Debbie come to my house so many times after church on Sunday.

My mom passed away suddenly a few weeks ago. Debbie was there to comfort me. When I introduced Debbie to friends (Evonne, Ellie and Sonia) from the rubber stamping and crafting group I belong to, she begin to tell the stories of our adventures. She was very kind in the telling. She made our adventures sound so special.

The week following the funeral, Debbie began sharing so many wonderful pictures of our childhood. One picture included my brother Paul along with Debbie, myself and another friend from church.

Incident Report – Judy Hale Everett – Lindy’s and Stampotique

I created this card for the Lindy’s Stamp Gang April Color Challenge.  I used Rusty Lantern Lime, Blue Hawaiian Blue, and Hi Maintenance Magenta color sprays from Lindy’s.  The stamped images and words are from Stampotique.

Lindy's Color Challenge
Lindy’s Stamp Gang Color Challenge