Atomic Owl

Lovin’ Viva Las Vegas Stamps right now. We have an Owl challenge at a stamp group I belong to. We have to make a card or other paper project using an owl. I didn’t have any owl stamps, or at least I didn’t think I did. Called a friend and of course, she had some choices but they weren’t really my style. I had to have something to show, so I made a cute little owl card. The card was cute, real cute.  

BUT, I’m not really a cute person. I may look conservative in my every day life, but I’m kinda not conservative in my art. The cute owl card I made really wasn’t me. 
Then … as I was looking through my stamps to start a different project, I saw this Owl in my binder of Viva Las Vegas Stamps!!   
 atomic owl 2
One of my goals of in the coming year is to be true to who I really am. I’m starting out on the right foot (or wheel I should say) with the new stamp group. I think they’ll appreciate my art as they seem like a fine group of women. Most of all, I’ll have made my first move toward being myself all the time. Viva Las Vegas Stamps baby! 


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Debbie Burns
Debbie Burns

Love this post. It’s resonating with me. I missed it earlier but glad I discovered it today. Art from the heart is the best art!